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How to buy a print:

Rohan’s robot animals are available for purchase for $30 plus shipping. They come on a 20 x 25cm block and can be hung on a wall or sat on a desk. Rohan also draws animals on request, including personalised pets.  Paypal is available.
Please email or message Rohan’s Drawings on FB. 

Rohan’s Medium

Rohan’s Medium

One of Rohan’s whale sketches.

Rohan sketches his robot animals on whatever paper he can find and using whatever pencil is laying around (usually while lying on the floor watching cricket). He then photographs the drawing and uploads it to begin the long process of turning his grubby sketches into a crisp, clean digital masterpiece. 

All about Rohan

Rohan is an 11-year-old boy who is incredibly bright and funny.  He is constantly grubby, dirty and getting up to mischief but also sensitive, caring and altruistic.  He is often referred to as Bearwin, due to him being exactly what you would expect to get if you mixed Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls together.  His passion and enthusiasm for things can only be paralleled with his anguish, dismay and vocal disappointment if things don’t go to plan.  He loves animals, footy, food, animals, bantam chickens, food and animals.  The amount of animal facts he knows is astounding and he loves nothing more than a good session of ‘fact-telling’ when he happens across someone who appears to be lacking in animal fact knowledge.  

Rohan has three great enemies in life – cheese, butter and social injustice.  This presents a massive conundrum for Rohan as although he vehemently dislikes cheese and butter, his favourite foods are Pizza and cheesecake which both contain cheese and butter.  Rohan is also a germophobe despite spending most of his time outside with no shoes on, building stuff, exploring stuff and in general – getting extremely germy!!  These paradoxical traits only contribute to the loveable kid that he is.  Everywhere he goes people are drawn to his sweet, polite, enthusiastic and comedic personality.

Since Rohan was very young he has loved to draw robot animals.  Before he could even communicate with his family he could draw robots and machines.  Rohan’s robots might just look like they just contain intricate patterns.  However, every tube, pipe, wheel and cog in his robots has a specific function which he can tell you all about.  

Rohan’s robots are a back-up prototype and he hopes never to have to build them.  Kind of like a safety net, should our beautiful animals go extinct.  The potential extinction of animals he loves so dearly has troubled Rohan for many years and he has decided to put his drawings to good use by selling them to raise money for animal protection.  

His first series, the Koala series, consists of two Koala’s that he has drawn in response to his grief over the destruction of koala habitat and koala’s injured in the bushfires.  All proceeds from the sale of these Koala pictures are going to be donated to a Koala Sanctuary or Koala protection charity (the exact charity to be advised).



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